Atlantic City Area Workers Rally Against North Jersey Casinos

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Local area workers and officials gathered together to rally against the proposed North Jersey Casino Expansion.

Hundreds of people gathered today in Boardwalk Hall, to spread awareness about voting “no” on ballot question 1, to prevent North Jersey casinos from opening, and to keep gambling in Atlantic City.

“Atlantic City would be devastated. I think New Jersey would be devastated if, in fact, this were to pass,” said Congressman Frank LoBiondo. “It’s not only important to defeat it, but to defeat it with multiple exclamation points, because the people who want to do this will come back again, and we have to show just how strong we are on this.”

As Election Day grows closer, the No North Jersey Casino’s Coalition is getting bigger. South Jersey residents from all walks of life came together to share their reasons why they are voting “no.”

“It’s a crucial vote for Atlantic City, and for all of South Jersey, I think. Adding more casinos to North Jersey certainly is not going to be beneficial to this area, and I certainly don’t see how it’s going to benefit North Jersey as well,” said Frank Dougherty, owner of Dock's Oyster House.

“Just when Atlantic City is starting to build up and come back from a downfall, this would not be the time for North Jersey to turn around and kick us back down again,” said Elaine Malloy, a cocktail server at Bally's Casino.

“I moved down here from Sicklerville, New Jersey to look for a middle-class job that I could support myself with, and I found it, but North Jersey casinos would take that away, and I feel like it would take thousands of jobs away,” said Jordan Brittingham, food server at Harrah's Resort.

“Really, it just is hurting Atlantic County, horribly, and it would hurt people in North Jersey, too. they don’t want the casinos up there. So the people in our North Jersey membership are actually the people that are most opposed to it,” said Heather Warburton, Atlantic County liaison to the Green Party.

Joining the casino workers were local government officials who say they stand with them and don’t want to see anything else devastating in the community that’s already in the working to fix its financial situation.

“And we can disagree about Hillary and the Donald … but the one thing we’re united on is voting “No” on number one on “No North Jersey Casinos,” said Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian.

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