Kindergarten Social at D'Ippolito Elementary School

VINELAND - D'Ippolito Elementary School will be hosting a Kindergarten Social on Tuesday, August 25th at 6:30p.m. at the school, 1578 N. Valley Ave.
Families will first gather in the cafeteria for general information from the administration before being introduced to their teachers and visiting their classrooms. The teachers will then lead the families on a tour of the school and playground. The children will end the evening by learning how to proceed through the cafeteria line for a special treat of cookies and punch.
Classroom assistants, guidance counselors, the nurse, special areas teachers and basic skills teachers will all be available to meet and greet the students.
"It is our hope that the Social will eliminate first day fears and put both parents and children at east so that everyone can have a happy, tearless morning on the first day," said Renee Braxton, D'Ippolito principal.

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