VIDEO: American Red Cross Attempting to Prevent Blood Shortage


MILLVILLE - The American Red Cross has announced they are trying to prevent a blood shortage this summer. They are encouraging the public to save lives by donation, especially donors with O negative, A negative, or B negative blood types.
“Red Cross nationwide, actually tries to collect at least 15,000 units of blood each day, here locally, we try to collect, throughout the Penn Jersey region, about a thousand units a day," said Beth Toll, External Communications Manger at Red Cross. We’re not quite there, this time of year especially, we’re trying to get back up and build our numbers back up, so, trying to help meet those needs.”
The average adult has about ten pints of blood in their body at any given time, and donates about one pint during blood drives.  The American Red Cross is asking South Jersey to donate blood and help get them out of their summer shortage.
"Donating blood can help save up to three lives every time that you donate, and there’s always a need for blood," said Toll. It’s a constant need, really. Hospital patients, cancer patients, newborns, there’s just always a need for blood products.”
People are eligible to donate every 56 days. Blood drives are happening all summer long at sites across South Jersey.  During your appointment, you’ll go through a brief health history, get your levels checked, and make the donation, right there at the site.
“I think it’s just a simple way for people to give back, maybe you don’t have money to donate, but maybe you could give an hour of your time, and help others in need," said Toll. "And it truly does save lives, it’s amazing.”

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