VIDEO: Department of Agriculture Visits Bridgeton Summer Feeding Site


BRIDGETON - Representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) took a visit to a Summer Feeding Site in Bridgeton earlier today.  Over the past year, Bridgeton added 13 new feeding sites, totaling 15, for children and teenagers to get a free and nutritious lunch.
“I’m excited, I mean, this is what we want to see going on.," said Audrey Rowe, Food Nutrition Services Administration, USDA. "We want to see activity, we want to see the community coming together, we want to see law enforcement and education and agriculture.  Everyone coming together to improve the conditions that our children find themselves in.”
The Summer Food Service Program helps increase access for healthy foods to underserved communities.
“I look for programs that are I think are best practices," said Rowe. "And there are many small communities around who really don’t know where to begin.”
Mayor Kelly said that once the school year picks back up, he will be working with the district to expand the after school program, and continue offering food programs after school.
“As a mayor, I feel proud," said Kelly. "Proud of what we did. Not the mayor, but we did as a community, public schools, with the college, police department, how we’ve all come together to make a positive effect in our city.”

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