VIDEO: Volunteer Pilots Fly Patients in Need


MILLVILLE - They’re real-life guardian angels, and they’ve made it their mission to fly patients across the country to the medical care they so desperately need.
“It’s just doing something for somebody else. I’ve been given a lot, so I want to give back,” said Peggy Doyle, volunteer co-pilot.
The Bonanza Group of Mercy Medical is the only certified stretcher plane service on the entire east coast – and they've flown more than 2,000 patients over the past nearly 40 years for free.
“The pilots don’t get paid, it’s purely volunteer work. And we don’t charge the people that need the plane to go somewhere anything. Not a thing,” Mike Pearson, volunteer pilot.
The volunteer pilots load the patients into the back of small planes and then they take off.
“I guess it’s one of those things that feels good. We enjoy doing it," said Chuck Van Nostrand, volunteer pilot. "The people in need, really need it.”
Each pilot has favorite stories from their decades with Mercy Medical, but a particular thank you letter from a patient’s family stood out.
“Dear Angel Flight Volunteers: Words cannot express our family’s thanks for your amazing ministry," said Pearson. "You’re making a difference in a hurting world. We are asking the Lord to fill your lives with unexpected blessings.”
If you would like to help the bonanza pilots and the thousands of patients that need medical flights, visit www.Mercymedical.Org.

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