Ellison School Explores Aviation

MILLVILLE -The Ellison School's Explorer Camp visited Big Sky Aviation, the Millville Museum, and Cooper Medical Chopper to learn about aviation.
Campers first visited the Millville Historic Aviation Museum and were taught about the flight during World War II.
They then visited Big Sky Aviation where Flight Instructor Kevin Bertonazzi taught campers about the aerodynamics of flight and what makes a plane fly.
The Cooper Hospital Medical Helicopter pilots discussed their jobs in aviation and children viewed the helicopter's high-tech capacities that help take care of critical care patients while in flight.
Next, students took a quick simulator ride over Union Lake and Millville with Ellison staff member Ms. Brown at the controls. She safely landed the simulator back at Millville Airport to the cheers and delight of her virtual passengers.
As a final activity, students came back to Big Sky's training classroom to construct their own balsa wood airplanes - utilizing the features and skills of aerodynamics they learned.

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