VIDEO: Eight Glassboro High School Students Get a Chance to Run Youth Farm Stand


GLASSBORO - It’s not very often teenagers get to run their own business. Eight Glassboro High School students are doing just that, with their Youth Farm Stand. What once was a part of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, the Seeds to Success operation is doing nothing but succeeding.

“So, it started, I’d say probably at least four decades ago," said Barbara Jones, Supervisor at Seeds to Success. "And this is our fourth year where we’ve been independent just through Glassboro school funding.”

After the funding from Rutgers ran out, the Glassboro Board of Education decided to fund the program on their own.  Now every summer, students get to see first hand what it’s like to apply for a job, run their own business, and how to make change without using electronics.

“The thing that’s fascinating, the program only runs for five weeks, but from when they first start in week one, the transition in just the five week time period is enormous," said Jones.  They’re skills, you know, there skills, being able to break out of their shell, being able to talk to people, the transition, it’s amazing.”

“I feel like it was a great reward for me,” said Jon Hodson, Senior at Glassboro High School. “This is just everything, you know, helping out with the customers, doing all of the math for the money and stuff.”

The Seeds to Success stand sells produce straight from local South Jersey farms. They take food stamps, WIC services, and Senior Farmer’s Market Nutrition Program vouchers. Despite this being their last week, the students are taking away more than just some fruits and vegetables.

“And the kids are, you know, making money, they’re learning skills, it’s just making them grow and develop,” said Jones. “That’s my favorite thing about the whole thing, just to see them grow.”