Millville Senior High's College Jump Start Program Host Record Number of Students

MILLVILLE - The Millville Senior High School Counselors celebrated the official opening day for college admissions on Saturday, August 1st with their students by hosting the annual College Jump Start Program.
This year they had a record number of students show up, with over 40 in attendance. The counselors, including Michelle Gieryck, Tamara Jackson, and Nicki Russo, hosted an informational program that was followed by a work session.
The emphasis of the program was for students to gain an understanding of how they can use the remainder of their summer to work on the college admissions process.
Students gained information about various topics including scholarships and college searches, and then had time to sign up for the SAT.
The Millville Counselling Department offers this service each summer to help their students get a head start on the college admission process.

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