Phillies Players Come to Bridgeton


BRIDGETON - The 49th Annual Bridgeton Invitational Tournament is underway, featuring a number of the top amateur teams in the region. David Buchanan and Cameron Rupp, of the Philadelphia Phillies, made a stop at Alden Field this week to sign autographs for fans.
Buchanan has worked his way back into the starting rotation for the Phillies, after a rough start to his 2015 season. Rupp has emerged as a solid catching option for the Phils, with Carlos Ruiz nearing the end of his career in Philadelphia. Both Phillies can relate to playing in places like Bridgeton.
“Oh it’s wonderful. I mean, anytime you get to interact with fans it’s a blast. Especially fans that love seeing you out here," said Buchanan. "The ones that are dedicated to see you, you see the joy in their faces when you walk up. It’s very humbling, and that’s why I play the game. But you’re out here in a beautiful country. It’s a beautiful day and you get to be around baseball. It’s always nice to go back to where it all started because me and Rupp, we both played in tournaments like this. So it’s great to see where it all started and kind of get back to where it was in our day when we were here.”
“It’s a lot of fun to come out and do this stuff because you know I remember when I was a kid and I got to do things like this and go see some of the Texas Rangers where I grew up. So it’s always great to come out and help and have fun with it,” said Rupp.
The Bridgeton Invitational runs through Monday, August 17th. For more information, head to

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