Atlantic County Coastal Communities Unite on Limiting the Use of Plastic Bags

MARGATE CITY - The governing bodies of Longport, Margate, Ventnor and Atlantic City have all joined Brigantine in passing resolutions that discourage residents from using single-use bags, specifically plastic bags, and encouraging the use of reusable bags.
“Awareness is definitely growing regarding the havoc plastic bags cause once they are loose in the environment,” said Longport Mayor Nick Russo . “As we learn more and more about the effects plastic litter has on marine life once it enters the ocean, it’s hard to turn your back and not try to take proactive measures that will effect positive change.”
Brigantine was the first municipality in New Jersey to pass the resolution back in 2011. Egg Harbor City also adopted the same resolution earlier this month.
“When you do the math on the number of plastic bags generated by residents in just the five coastal communities, it comes to approximately 24 million plastic bags each year, a staggering number,” said Ventnor Mayor Michael Bagnell. “It’s no wonder that so many are ending up on our beaches, in our storm drains and in the ocean. Once residents understand what we’re trying to do, I have every confidence that they will jump on board with this initiative.”
“As coastal communities, it really is our responsibility to set the bar high and reduce, if not eliminate, plastic bags,” said Atlantic City Council President Frank Gilliam. “We now know that plastic is the most common type of marine litter worldwide, and that plastics comprise up to 90 percent of floating marine debris. These facts cannot be ignored,” said Gilliam.

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