VIDEO: Gloucester County 4-H and NJ Peach Festival


MULLICA HILL - Everything is peachy keen this week at the Gloucester County 4-H and New Jersey Peach Festival.  This fair, held once every year gives 4-H members and peach farmers a chance to show off what they’ve been working on all year.

“This fair is held every year for the 4-H members of Gloucester County for them to showcase the projects they have worked on all year,” said Linda Strieter, Gloucester County 4-H Program Coordinator.

4-H members, young and old, have all sorts of exhibits to display the talents throughout their 45 clubs.  Visitors can participate the auctions, watch the animal shows, explore the vendors, and see everything 4-H has to offer.

“They spend all year trying to get their sheep to look right, their pig to weigh the right amount, and it all comes down to four days," said Alexis Sleeth, Gloucester County 4-H Member. "And that’s what the 4-H fair is, it’s displaying all of the 4-Hers hard work throughout the year.”

The Gloucester County 4-H program and the Peach festival are both part of Rutgers Cooperative Extension.  Although the festival is held at the 4-H Fairgrounds in Mullica Hill, the visiting Jersey fresh peaches are a big hit.

“We are definitely the Garden State, we have more than 20,000 preserved acres of farm land in Gloucester County with many more to come,” said Strieter.

The Gloucester County 4-H Fair and New Jersey Peach Festival will be going on until Sunday, July 26th.  Guests can come enjoy the animals, shows, peaches, and everything else Gloucester County has to offer.