VIDEO: Surfing Debate in North Wildwood


WILDWOOD - Surf’s up on Second Avenue in North Wildwood.  But surfing is down, for the summer, on 12th Avenue.
"And so the decision was made to consolidate our surfing beach at this location," said Patrick Rosenello, North Wildwood Mayor.
Mayor Rosenello and North Wildwood City Council cited safety concerns as the main reason to ban surfing at 12th Avenue.
"Unfortunately our front beach around the 12th ave area experienced severe erosion this winter," said Rosenello. "As a result of that, our beach patrol had serious concerns about the density of people on the beach, trying to safely keep the bathers and the swimmers separated."
Safety is the concern of many surfers, and surfing parents in town too. But some say making second avenue the only surfing beach in North Wildwood creates new problems.
"We have issues with wave runners coming very, very close to surfers," Joann Jurusz, North Wildwood. "Sometimes the current is very strong. And it causes the surfers to drift into the inlet area. Also, we’ve noticed people bumping into the outfall pipe, not realizing it’s there."
Locals say the size of the surf at Second can be different too.
"I’d rather surf at 12th street, because it’s basically my home break and the waves are obviously better there," said Jordan Jurusz, North Wildwood.
The 12th Avenue surfing conversation is ongoing in North Wildwood. But the decision appears to be final for the summer. Rosenello said the decision will be reassessed before the summer of 2016.
"I’m a surfer, I’m a paddleboarder, my kids surf," said Rosenello. "I understand that people are very very sensitive about this issue. I think the most important thing to communicate though, is that we do have an excellent surfing beach. It has great access."

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