FEMA Reminding Homeowners to Submit Hurricane Sandy Claim Review

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is reminding National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) policyholders, who filed a claim as a result of Hurricane Sandy, that they have until Tuesday, September, 15th to register to have their claim files reviewed.
The NFIP established a process for Hurricane Sandy survivors to have their claims reviewed, if they believe their claims were underpaid.
The Sandy claims review process is intended to be simple, navigable by the policyholder and does not require paid legal assistance. Additionally, there are several nonprofit service providers ready to offer free advice and answer questions that policyholders may have. A list of these advocacy groups can be found on the claims review website at www.fema.gov/sandyclaims.
To be eligible for the review, policyholders must have experienced flood damage between October, 27th, 2012 and November, 6th, 2012 as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Policyholders can call the NFIP’s Hurricane Sandy claims center at 1.866.337.4262 to request a review.For individuals using a TTY, can call 800.462.7585 to begin the review process.  Before contacting the claim center, policyholders are asked to have their flood insurance carrier name and policy number at hand.
Alternately, policyholders can go online to www.fema.gov/hurricane-sandy-nfip-claims to download a form requesting a review. The downloaded form may be filled out and emailed to FEMA-sandyclaimsreview@fema.dhs.gov to start the review process.
FEMA will request the policyholder’s claim file from their insurance company and forward it to the NFIP review office within 2 business days. Files will be assigned to a NFIP-certified adjuster who will serve as a caseworker for the insured. The entire process should take less than 90 days. Caseworkers will contact policyholders to guide them through the review process.
FEMA has already sent letters to approximately 142,000 NFIP policyholders who filed claims resulting from Hurricane Sandy, offering them an opportunity to have their files reviewed. To date, more than 8,900 policyholders have joined the process. Policyholders who have already registered for the Hurricane Sandy claims review do not need to take any additional action and can expect to be contacted by their caseworker.
For more information, contact FEMA’s Intergovernmental Affairs Division at 202.646.3444 or at FEMA-IGA@fema.dhs.gov.