VIDEO: Monroe Township Residents Find Problems with Recent Water Bills


MONROE - The Monroe Municipal Utilities is in hot water with customers after multiple issues with their May billing cycles. Joe Pisanelli says that not only was he hit with the recent 55 Percent increase the company set for July 1st, but with an incorrect usage number.
“You know, I understand their rationale was that it was a dry month, so sprinkler systems were turned on and people were opening pools," said Joe Pisanelli, Willaimstown resident. But, my rhetoric to that is, I didn’t open my pool until the third week of May.” JP
Joe is not the only Williamstown resident to complain about the company’s error.  The Williamstown/Monroe Township Talk Facebook page had multiple posts about the issue, followed by hundreds of comments.
“Hundreds of people are having the same problem, I don’t think it’s just me,” said Pisanelli.
Monroe Township residents are not happy with their new increase in their water bills.  Dozens of customers have complained that their bills have doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled in price. Neighbors gathered at the Monroe Municipal Utilities Authority (MMUA) meeting on Wednesday night to find some answers.
“We got charged a May bill and I got charged for 43,000 gallons of water, which could fill up my swimming pool two times, which is insane, and there’s absolutely no way,” said Pisanelli.
Customers of the MMUA presented their individual problems to the board, bringing their recent bills along with them­­­.
“But you would think your auditors would have looked at stuff, looked at the bills, and said, whoa, our numbers just shot up here," said Daniel Teefy, Mayor of Monroe Township. "Hold on people, we’ve got something wrong here.”
The MMUA advised their customers to contact them individually, so they could start investigating where the mysterious usage numbers came from.
“The residents should get their way," said Pisanelli. "I mean, I don’t know how it’s going to get resolved, but it needs to get resolved.”

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