Millville Recycling Coordinator Receives Award From NJ Clean Communities Council

MILLVILLEMichael McNiss, Recycling Coordinator and Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Millville, has received the “Municipal Coordinator” Award from the New Jersey Clean Communities Council (NJCCC).
McNiss has been involved with the NJCCC for about eight years and has worked in the City of Millville for 19 years. His job is to enforce the municipal codes in solid waste and recycling.
“I am very thankful and honored to have been chosen for this award. I am all about educating first, and then to fine if I really need to,” said McNiss. “I coordinate cleanups all year long. I meet with various volunteer groups, such as Adopt-a-Block Veterans, faith-based groups, schools and individual volunteers. I even help out with volunteer groups building gardens.”
NJCC Executive Director Sandy Huber said that the organization cannot achieve its goals without the commitment of municipal partners who understand and enforce local ordinances.
“Mike is an ongoing committed partner of the NJCCC, and works tirelessly to ensure Millville residents and businesses are well informed about all things recycling,” Huber said. “We are proud to honor all of the hard work that Mike has done to help make the City of Millville litter-free. He has made a tremendous difference.”
The NJCCC is a statewide program to reduce litter, promote volunteer clean-up of public lands, and sustain a reduction in litter through education. They have served New Jersey residents and visitors for more than 25 years. Learn more at

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