VIDEO: Vineland Police Investigating Dollar Tree Burglaries


VINELAND - Vineland Police were called to the Dollar Tree located at 301 South Main Road on Sunday morning due to an apparent burglary.
"When officers got there they found there had been forced entry into the building," said Matthew Finley, Vineland Police Lieutenant. "
Finley reported that once police were inside, they discovered more forced entry into the office area where a safe was located, with visible forced entry into the safe.
Surveillance video inside the store was able to capture pictures of the suspect. The police say about $1500 was stolen from the Vineland location. The Dollar Tree on North Second Street also was burgled, and police believe there may be a connection between the two, although that has not been confirmed.
"Millville police officer contacted us, they had a similar incident, so there are definite similarities to the two incidents," said Finley.
Officers from the Millville Police Department responded to the Dollar Tree on North Second Street. Police believe the intruder broke into the back of this store and into the manager’s office. From there, they broke into the safe and stole approximately 1,000 dollars.
"I come mostly every day, at least every other day anyway," said customer Theda Ayares. "They don’t have to rob somebody that’s trying to make a living. I think that’s terrible."
"There is definite similarities and we’re working with the Millville Police Department to see if we can bring that to fruition to connect the two, and then work cooperatively to bring it to a good conclusion," said Finley.

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