Vineland Art Teacher Receives Honorable Mention in Phillies Lesson Plan Contest

VINELAND - Dayna Silver, an art teacher at Barse and Leuchter Elementary Schools, was one of four honorable mentions in a lesson plan contest sponsored by the Philadelphia Phillies.
The grand prize winner Christina Beri of Cinnaminson, Silver, and the three other teachers who earned honorable mention, presented their lesson plans in front of 60 teachers from Pennsylvania and New Jersey during a workshop at Citizen's Bank Park.
"A coworker informed me about a lesson plan contest the Phillies were promoting," said Silver. "The lesson criteria had to incorporate baseball and use of the website."
Silver had less than a week to submit her lesson, entitled "The Phillie Phanatic is Completely Complementary."
"The lesson began by having students search for the Phanatic on the website and discussion on colors," said Silver. "The students would recognize that the Phillies team is red, and the Phanatic is green. I would ask them to identify those colors on the color wheel, and the students would realize they are directly across from one another. Then I would go on to explain that red and green are complementary and opposites in every way. Red and green also make one another standout and look their very best. Next, I would show the students how to draw the Phanatic step-by-step and then they would paint him. And lastly, they would choose a set of complementary colors to use for the background and a pennant. They would cut out the Phanatic, glue him to, let's say, blue construction paper and then cut out an orange triangle pennant and write a compliment-- something nice and baseball themed."
Silver used "Great game, you did it!" and "Awesome hit" as examples.
The Vineland teacher was notified by email that she had earned one of the top five spots in the contest. She only had three school days notice to prepare for the workshop, so she asked her Learners With Exceptional Abilities (LEAP) art students from Leuchter to help her draw and paint the Phanatic for the presentation.
"I wanted to have examples of the art to show the other teachers," said Silver. "The lesson with the 3rd-5th grade LEAP students was very successful."
During the workshop, she distributed a printed version of the lesson to other teachers.
"I explained my lesson along with a pre-made PowerPoint that someone from the Phillies created for me and help up examples as I presented," she said. "People seemed very excited and interested in my lesson, some coming up to me afterwards and saying how even though they are not art teachers, I made the steps simple enough for anyone to be successful. It was a very happy and proud feeling to have my peers interested in what I created."
As one of her prizes, Silver received two tickets to the Friday, May 8th Phillies game vs. the New York Mets, which is also Teacher Appreciation Night.
Her lesson is published on the Phillies website and can be found here: