VIDEO: Wildwood Hosts National Marbles Tournament


WILDWOOD - Every summer, hundreds of “mibsters" travel miles and miles to compete in Wildwood.
"All the way from Michigan, Colorado, Washington State," said Doug Watson, Tournament Announcer.
They gather on the beach for the National Marbles Tournament.
"I really love the people and the competitors that come in here, because they are always so nice," said Brooke Donald, 2015 Finalist. "And they always keep me going even if you’re down."
"I’ve never been part of another organization that has such a family environment," said Watson. Year to year these kids come back; they win their local tournaments and get to Wildwood.
It may be family-friendly, but it takes some serious skill to compete at this level. Let’s just say you can’t lose your marbles out there.
"My strategy is, using backspin, turn your hand over. You got to backspin," said Luke Gaffigan, 2015 Finalist.
This is year number 92 for the National Marbles Tournament, which moved here to Wildwood, around 1960. And this week over 12 hundred games was played at Ringer Stadium.
"It’s outside; you’re having fun. It’s an American pastime, a classic game," said Watson. "There’s a lot to learn.  Setting goals for yourself, you can do that in marbles. It’s a fun game, and it’s outside, you can play in the dirt. Like kids are supposed to do."