VIDEO: Sunset Lake Opens Again


BRIDGETON - For the last four years, Sunset Lake has looked more like Sunset Meadow. A violent rainstorm in the summer of 2011 blew out the Raceway and forced all of the water in the lake into the Cohansey River. But on this day, Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly, State Senator Steve Sweeney, and other officials gathered at Sunset Lake for a special ceremony.
The gates to the new Sunset Lake Dam are now closed, which means the lake and the raceway will finally begin to fill again. The only question is, how fast will they fill?
“Well it would be nice to know how long it’s going to take," said Dale Goodreau, Business Administrator, City of Bridgeton. "A lot is going to depend on the local weather man.  But I figure a couple of months we’ll have a decent amount of water here. It’s anybody’s guess. In fact maybe we can come up with some sort of pool as to figure out when the lake is going to be fully filled.”
The restoration project cost 3.6 million dollars. Thanks to FEMA and other government assistance, the City is Bridgeton handles about 25 percent of that number.