Washington Township Education Foundation Funds District Anti-Bullying Initiative

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – The Washington Township Education Foundation (WTEF) has agreed to fund the purchase of t-shirts for every elementary, middle school student, and staff member touting Township Tuesday.
This is the district’s new anti-bullying initiative that puts a twist on the Olweus Anti-Bullying Program. The adopted program will start in October. A committee of teachers, nurses, counselors, and administrators from each school have been trained on preventative measures to address bullying. They also trained to address instances of inappropriate behavior in a systematic way. This will stop the situation and send a message to all bystanders, that bullying will not be tolerated. In September, the committees will be training all employees on how these meetings will be conducted and how to address instances of bullying on school property.
“It is with great excitement that we will begin the implementation of the Olweus Anti-Bullying Program in grades 1-8 in the 2015-16 school year,” said Katherine Carey, District Assistant Director of Assessment, Counseling Services, and Educational Programs Support. “The program is designed to make our schools safer and more positive places to develop and learn. The goals of the program aim to reduce and prevent instances of bullying by improving peer relations, and building a sense of community.”
In conjunction with the New Jersey Week of Respect, each school will host a big kickoff event stressing the message that every employee will keep students safe. Meetings will take place every other Tuesday and will be referred to as “Township Tuesday.” The District hopes to get parents and community members on board.
“The WTEF has been responsible for funding so many wonderful projects for our instructional and support professionals," Katherine Carey, District Assistant Director of Assessment, Counseling Services, and Educational Programs Support said. "I cannot think of a better organization to partner with to support this Township initiative,” she said. “Our goal is that when students see their entire school community wearing their T-shirts, they will embrace the concept that everyone contributes to the creation of a positive school climate.”
To learn more, visit the WTEF's website or call 856.589.6644.

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