VIDEO: Volunteers Help Beautify Former Somers Point Circle


SOMERS POINT - Members of the Shore Medical Center aren’t just helping their patients feel better, but their helping the site of the former Somers Point traffic circle look better.
“This causeway was actually built by the state, and they haven’t been coming down and maintaining it,” said David Hughes, CFO at Shore Medical Center. “And we’re here to get all of the weeds out of here and do what needed to be done because the state hasn’t done it, and the city of Somers Point, we don’t wait for other people, we take matters into our own hands, so we’re getting it done, and we’re cleaning this up.”
With help from the Green Thumb Garden Club of Somers Point, the volunteers are helping beautify the Route 52 and Mays Landing Road intersection, a short distance away from the bridge into Ocean City.
“Our main effort here is to beautify, you know, and we’re trying to beautify the community, this is a new project," said Cheryl McGuigan, President of Gren Thumb Garden Club. "This whole causeway area is brand new, so set up some landscaping and didn’t follow up with the maintenance of it, which is why it looks like it does at this moment.”
The group’s goal is to improve the eyesore they say the state left behind and remind Jersey Shore visitors how beautiful the area is all year round.
“Well I think it’s great, because it’s a community effort," said McGuigan. "You know, the more people involved that we get to initially get all this hardware done, the less people we’ll need to maintain once we get it all setup.”
“Our businesses are reporting up 25 percent increase in visitation, so clearly this shows you what you can do," said Hughes. "Don’t wait for other people to help you, as I tell everybody, get out there, volunteer, and help yourself.”

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