VIDEO: Cumberland County Holds Crime Forum


CUMBERLAND COUNTY - Decreasing crime and implementing new programs to keep the community safe was the goal of last night’s Cumberland County Crime Forum.
Led by Cumberland County Freeholder Joe Derella, leaders in government, law enforcement, education, faith, and non-profit organizations discussed issues they see throughout the Cumberland County Area, and their ideas on how to solve them.
"If you have unemployment at a high rate, you don’t have the correct education opportunities that are available, and, that’s going to breed crime," said Derella. "That’s going to breed addiction.  That’s going to really breed all of those things, and we all agreed that we need to attack those in various different ways.  I’m very confident with this group of individuals.  When we reconvene, you’ll see some positive progress.”
The members of the roundtable discussion agreed that making positive initiatives with faith based, education, and law enforcement programs is key to pushing Cumberland County in the right direction.

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