VIDEO: AAA's Driving Safety Tips for the Winter Season


MILLVILLE - Between the months of October and December are the most popular times for animal-car collisions.
“My dad and I were in the front seat of the car, and my mom and my wife were in the back seat of the car, actually, we were in front of the car talking about how weird it was in all the years we’ve been up there and all the deer we’ve seen that we’ve never hit one," said Donald Borden, Audubon resident and Executive VP of Camden County College. "And I got to tell you, it had to be within a minute of that, that a deer kind of jumped off an embankment and [we collided with] the deer, which kind of stumbled forward and at that point, I breaked, and it tried to stand up and then went down again.”
Borden’s collision with a deer happened last March. He said after being in the situation, he notices deer dart in front of cars all over South Jersey, on roads like 42, the Atlantic City Expressway, and Route 55.
“November is deer mating season and generally what we see is that between October and December is the time where there are more animal collisions on the road than any other time of the year," Rich Bradley, Public Affairs Specialist of AAA. "There’s no telling where the animal’s going to come from, there’s no telling how you’re going to react, and how the person behind you might react as well.”
Animal and vehicle collisions can happen at any time of the day. AAA wants drivers to remember these tips to avoid all animal collisions.
"Obviously just need to be cautious of your driving conditions; if it’s night, give yourself a lot more room between cars, make sure you have, you know, your lights on properly, whether it’s your high beams, if you’re in a poorly lit area, but just make sure you have enough distance to be able to see something and react to it," said Bradley.
Make sure to stay alert at all times. According to AAA, the average deer collision ends up costing the consumer around $3,500 in damages.