VIDEO: Food Bank of South Jersey Sells Salsa to Help Hungry


HAMMONTON - The Food Bank of South Jersey has been selling Just Peachy Salsa not only for the great snack, but to help raise money  goes towards feeding the hungry. The salsa has helped created 500,000 meals in the past four years.
“The beauty of it is that we’re taking those peaches that otherwise need to be thrown away, or otherwise go bad, and making them into a shelf stable product, so we’re saving a lot of the produce that New Jersey is famous for," said Tom Sims, Chief Development Officer of the Food Bank of South Jersey. "Once we sell it, now we can buy more food to help people in need.”
The Food Bank of South Jersey has sold thousands of these cans of salsa help benefit the food insecure, but they can’t do it by themselves. With help from the Campbell’s Soup Company and Eastern Pro Pack, the three groups make up the perfect ingredients for some sweet success.
“You have what we call Food Bank peaches, which are the ones with the physical blemishes," said Steven Danner, Operations Manager at Eastern Pro Pack. "We’ll load them up with peaches that aren’t quite 100% visually ripe for the chain stores, some minor blemishes, some spotting, maybe a little nick or bruise, so instead of throwing them away at a rate of $500 a load, we instead send them to the Food Bank of South Jersey and also some to Campbell’s Soup to get turned into Just Peachy Salsa.”
Eastern Pro Pack separates the peaches at their facility and sends them straight to Campbell’s Soup Company. They take the peaches that aren’t eligible for sale in stores, but are still perfect for consumption, and create Just Peachy Salsa. They bottle it up, and once sold, the Food Bank gets to turn those proceeds into something that is “just peachy” for South Jersey.
“Us at Pro Pack, anytime we have an opportunity or chance to help other people that need help, especially within our own community, we jump at the chance too, cause, I mean, a happy community is good for everyone," said Danner.
“The proceeds of all the sales and whatever goes right back to the Food Bank of South Jersey, so then we can buy food for people in need,” said Sims.
To find the closest place that sells Just Peachy Salsa near you, visit Food Bank of South Jersey’s website for a list of locations.