VIDEO: Seawall Construction Under Way in Atlantic City


ATLANTIC CITY - Atlantic City won't let a storm hurt them again - and they're spending $32.5 million to do it.
The Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Army Corps of Engineers held a press conference to kick start the seawall project in the northern section of the city, which would protect from future storms and erosion damage.
That northern area of Atlantic City was damaged by Superstorm Sandy and continues to flood when other storms pass through. The seawall will be built between Oriental and Atlantic Avenues, and the boardwalk will be reconstructed nearby.
"A project like the seawall that is tens of millions of dollars that we haven’t been able to find the funding for, that has come together with this partnership is tremendous resiliency, and unlike the projects, the normal projects of the Army Corps with replenishing sand, seawall project is going to last many, many, many more years,” said Congressman Frank LoBiondo.
Construction has already begun, and crews have been working on taking down older parts of that section of the boardwalk, which was closed even before Superstorm Sandy. The mostly federally-funded project is expected to reduce flooding and coastal storm damage around the inlet area, and not only that - but it's reconnecting the historic boardwalk to the rest of the shore towns.
“You know what I like seeing? Is that we’re seeing two parts to this," said Commissioner Bob Martin. "One, is basically protecting the coastline of New Jersey, the major focus of the Governor and myself has been, how do we build more resiliency in the coastline, and this has been a major component to it. The other part of it is just, again, we’re helping Atlantic City to come back.”
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