VIDEO: Local Teacher Lands a Spot in the Record Book


TURNERSVILLE - Students at Whitman Elementary School in Turnersville found their Art Teacher, Amanda Brewer, in the 2016 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
“Guinness contacted about using the photo, and of course, I was thrilled because not only my students would see, but students around the globe would see," said Brewer.
It was one of her students who spotted her name in this year’s edition under, “Largest Predatory Fish.”
“This photograph is a female Great White Shark, she’s a juvenile, and she’s young," said Brewer. "All the Great White Sharks around Mossel Bay in South Africa are juveniles. So it’s cool, largest predatory fish, talking about the largest Great White Sharks in the world, stating that some can exceed 20 feet. It’s funny because this shark actually looks huge, but she’s actually quite young, she’s on the smaller side.”
Her passion for sharks started at a young age, around the same age she was checking Guinness World Record books out of the library. Making this even more special for the art teacher.
“I thought, Oh my goodness I read this book when I was a kid and here it is," said Brewer. "Not only just my photo but my name.”
She hopes her picture will help educate people on Great White Sharks like she tries to do when she teaches art to 1st through 5th graders every day.

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