VIDEO: Paulsboro Police Department Goes Pink


PAULSBORO - The Paulsboro Police Department in Gloucester County is one of the first police departments in the area to go pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
“It was important to spread awareness," said Vernon Marino, Chief of Police, Paulsboro Police Department. "We felt locally on our level we could spread awareness for breast cancer.”
When the chief brought the idea up, everyone agreed to participate in the month of awareness.
“Our officers are on the street every day, we’re patrolling and they see our residents 24/7," said Marino. "And again if we can just be another part, a cog in that wheel that spreads awareness, I think that’s all the better.”
Some of the officers at the department have been personally affected by the disease.
“It’s dear to me because it hit home, my sister is a survivor, 10 years now," said Marino. My lieutenant, his wife is a survivor. And we have personal friends that I Grew up with, they too are survivors. So I just felt if I had the opportunity, I thought it was important to get the word out.” MARINO
Getting the word out is exactly what they’re doing with the pink ribbons attached to their uniforms and decals on all the police vehicles. And for next year, the chief hopes you’ll see a lot more pink on the 18 officer team.
“This year we started off small, but I’m hoping next year to expand with additional uniform items," said Marino. "Whether it be a hat or my lieutenant and I Even joked about getting pink handcuffs for the officers. If it just helps one person understand, go get checked, I think that’s community policing at its finest.”

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