Washington Township District to Connect Through Social Media

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Washington Township Public Schools has announced its plans to launch a Facebook page as well as a Twitter Profile in order to connect with parents and community members on the go.
Once the page has been launched, community members are encouraged to like Facebook.com/TWPSchools on Facebook and follow @TWPSchools  on Twitter for updates.
"We realize that this technology is not new, and based on its popularity worldwide, we recognize that it is a highly effective communication and networking tool," Superintendent of Schools Joe Bollendorf said. "With the launch of our new website (www.wtps.org) and the positive response we have received on its effectiveness, we now are prepared to expand our communication efforts further and reach people directly on their hand-held devices.  A great many of our one-way communications will drive traffic back to our site. Facebook and Twitter will allow us to more efficiently reach a broader audience and will greatly assist us in communicating important information instantaneously for the first time.  We are excited to be venturing into social media and encourage everyone to make the Washington Township Public Schools a part of their daily life."

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