Cape May Stage to Feature True Story About Life of Francis Biddle

CAPE MAY – The drama Trying, by Joanna McClelland Glass, will open on Wednesday, October 14th and will run through Sunday, November 15th on the Cape May Stage. Director and actor, Austin Pendelton, will direct the drama, which is based on a true story about Joanna McClelland Glass’s real-life experience working for Francis Biddle.
Trying is set in 1967 and is a two-character play about the final year of life of Francis Biddle, an 81-year-old who served as Frank Delano Roosevelt’s attorney general as well as the American chief judge at the Nuremberg tribunal. Biddle hires a woman named Sarah, who eventually builds a relationship with him.
Biddle will be played by Howard Green and Sarah will be played by Allison Plamondon, both of whom have worked with Pendleton in the past.
“I’ve known about this play for years, because I’m a good friend of Joanna McClelland Glass, and Howard and Allison wanted to work on it with me, so we started playing with it almost a year ago,” said Pendleton. “I think it’s a beautiful play. It’s funny, it’s intelligent, and it’s urgent. It tells a very moving story about the relationship between these two characters, about the strange path that two people finally take toward each other, if they allow themselves to be vulnerable.”
There will be a post-show discussion, which is free of charge and open to the public, with cast and crew on Friday, October 30th. Additionally, there will be a half-price senior matinee on Sunday, October 15 and a pay-what-you-wish performance on Friday, November 6.
Ticket prices range from $18 for students and military to $33 for seniors and $38 for adults. Opening night tickets cost $53 and will include an after-party with the director and cast.
For more information about the event or to purchase tickets, visit the Cape May Stage website at or call 609.770-8311.

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