Washington Township High School Soccer Squad Partners with Project Unify

SEWELL – Members of the Washington Township High School soccer team partnered with classmates involved in Project Unify on Thursday, October 8th for a soccer clinic.
Project Unify is a club that works to promote inclusiveness between special and regular education students.
The clinic was organized by Assistant Principal, Theresa Pietrowski and Special Education Teacher, Jan Brodzinski. The school’s football and boys and girls basketball teams have held similar clinics in the past that promote the same concept.
"The whole concept is to create opportunities to engage our regular education students with our special needs population,” said Joe Bollendorf, Superintendent . “It’s really critical to the whole process of inclusion that we are trying to accomplish. A lot of these kids are in a self-contained setting, and they interact with one another but not so much with everyone else. This allows those kids to connect with all of the kids in our building. It is critical to their growth.”
For more information about Project Unify, visit their website at http://www.specialolympics.org/project_unify.aspx.

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