VIDEO: Flash Mob of Respect at an Elementary School


SICKLERVILLE - The students and staff at James W. Lilley Elementary School are taking a creative twist to the “Week of Respect” by creating a flash mob dance of respect.
Students ranging from Preschool of 5th grade will join their teachers in the cafeteria tomorrow in an effort to put a stop to bullying with dance.
“We’ve been working with our students here this week during their gym classes. We’ve taught them a dance called ‘Save the World,’” said Karen Grosso, Gym Teacher. "They’re very excited they like to move to the music, they like to dance around and they’re excited to see what it’s like to do this with 500 students in the same place at the same time."
Along with the flash mob, the students made bumper stickers throughout the week displaying kindness and respect.
“The children get their lessons all year long, age appropriate of course, on character building," said Susan Sasso, Guidance Counselor. "So during the 'Week of Respect' we can do these fun activities to help build togetherness a cohesive unit here at the school to show that we can all respect one another.”
When asked if she thinks her students are already respectful, Grosso couldn’t help but happily say yes.
“They have their challenges just like they all do, but they always try to put their best foot forward,” said Gross.

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