VIDEO: Todd's News Agency Continues to Sell Winning Lottery Tickets


VINELAND - Todd’s News Agency in Vineland sells a wide range of lottery tickets. Customers can get a $1 scratch offs or spend some more money on a “Pick 5” or “Power Ball” ticket. According to the New Jersey State Lottery, this store is a lucky one because the owners have winners on a daily basis.
“195,000, $389,000, $75,000 you know large stuff like that,” said Bine Thakkar, Co-owner of Todd's News Agency.
The biggest winner was a frequent visitor of the shop, and he hit big on the “Win for Life” scratch-off a few years back.
“We were thrilled that we had somebody from here," said Bine Thakkar. "It makes us happy to have a customer that we know for a long time win. It’s a happy feeling.”
That lucky man is now getting $1,000 a week for the rest of his life. And he’s not the only big winner.
“All together with the “Pick 5,” 41 people have been a top prize winner at this location.” said Praful Thakkar, Co-owner of Todd's News Agency.
The most recent lucky man was just this past weekend. He won over $200,000 on a “Cash 5” ticket.
People from all over are visiting the store, hoping some luck rubs off on their ticket.
“We get customers from Cape May, Atlantic, Salem County and Cumberland County,” Bine Thakkar. “So many people kind of have a feeling that this is a lucky place. So sometimes they travel far to say let me try my luck there since this is the lucky place."
Each time the couple sells a top prize winning ticket, they too win by getting different amounts of compensation for each game.
But the couple says they hope everyone who comes in to Todd’s News Agency can drive home a winner.
“They come here to make their dreams come true, and this is the proof that they’ll always get their dream come true.” said Praful Thakkar.