VIDEO: Help Save Margate's Lucy the Elephant


MARGATE CITY - The beloved 134-year-old Lucy the Elephant in Margate needs more than a trunk lift with the $58,000 project that will be put towards replacing the rails of the carriage on top of Lucy's back, a paint job, and rust removal.
Every day the 65-foot tall elephant looks out over the Margate beach and each year thousands climb the wooden staircase leading up to the passenger carriage.
"Well as you know, Lucy sits 100 feet from the Atlantic Ocean," said Richard Helfant, Executive Director/CEO of Lucy the Elephant. "And she’s made out of wood covered in tin. So she’s very susceptible to the elements, and she gets bombarded in sand and salt every minute of every day, we get a lot of wind here, the weather really takes a beating on the elephant’s skin."
To help raise the money needed or become an official sponsor, visit their website

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