VIDEO: Damage to Wildwood from Storms and Flooding


WILDWOOD - The storm over the weekend caused major damage in North Wildwood including massive beach erosion.
“I can’t get over this beach, it’s really something,” said Cindy Rogers, Cape May Courthouse Resident.
Cindy Rogers lives off the island in Cape May Court House, where she didn’t experience flooding just major wind and rain.
“This is the beach where our grandkids and our kids come all the time," said Rogers. "It’s unreal. It’s devastating. Hopefully we’ll be back for the summer.”
Bars in “The District” part of town were closed due to the storm. Keenan’s Irish Pub prepared for the worst by putting sand bags by all of the entrances. The flooding didn’t make it up to the door, but the wind and rain did some damage to the popular summer hangout.
“Just one small leak in the ceiling and one awning blew down,” said George Quinn, Employee at Keenans's Irish Pub.
According to Atlantic City Electric, at the peak of the storm, less than 10,000 outages were reported. All of which were restored within hours, leaving everyone with power currently.
“I’ve never seen a Nor’easter quite like this one, the intensity and how long it lasted," said Joe Rullo, Resident of North Wildwood. "I was getting a report that it was the same tidal flood level as Hurricane Sandy. Which was very surprising.”
Joe Rullo would know, he was in town when Superstorm Sandy rolled into North Wildwood.
“Anxiety set in because you got the reports of it being as high as Sandy and then it actually came into fruition," said Rullo. "And the tidal cycles kept coming every six hours and it just didn’t look like it was going to give up.”
Eventually the flooding did give up and he’s thankful Joaquin took a right turn.

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