VIDEO: South Jersey Colleges Take Security Measures


MILLVILLE - Philadelphia area colleges have been warned by the FBI of threats earlier today.
These threats come only days after a shooting at an Oregon community college that killed 10 people. South Jersey schools have been taking their own security measures seriously and preparing in case the unthinkable happens.
“Well we consider it a vague threat, so obviously we’re going to take precautions, I believe all, most of the colleges in the South Jersey area are,” said William Keener, Public Safety Director. “We do active shooter drills, we do fire drills, emergency evacuation drills, so you know, we try to be very proactive with safety here.”
Located a short distance away from Atlantic Cape Community College is Falcon Consulting Group. Tom Raftery, one of the founders and former a F.B.I. agent sat down with us today to talk about how they prepare their clients for violence in the workplace, active shooting situations, and gave advice on measures you need to take when faced with such violence.
“In today’s environment, it’s serious, and you have to take it as such," said Raftery. "There’s a lot of reasons for it, it’s just a fact of, it’s the world we live in today, so you need to be prepared, and that’s kind of where we come in.”
Tom Raftery says the best thing to do in an active shooter situation is to stay calm, run, hide, and as a last resort, fight.
“We teach, run, is your first decision, it should always be your first decision," said Raftery. "You need to put as much distance between yourself and the assailain. If you can’t do that, then where do you hide? Then you’ve got to know your environment, what’s the mall look like, can I get to a bathroom, can I get to a closet with a lock on it, and obviously, if everything else fails, then you may have to fight. But it’s your last choice.”
According to Raftery, if you’re ever in a situation involving an active shooter, staying calm and alert is beneficial, and letting the police handle the threat until it no longer stands is the best thing you can do.

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