Rossi Middle SchoolAnnounces First Recipient of Recognition Referral Program

VINELAND - Rossi Middle School has awarded seventh-grade student, Henry Garton, as the first recipient of the school’s Recognition Referral Program. The program was created by Rossi Middle School as a way to encourage acts of kindness.
"Rossi School has implemented many programs to promote a positive school climate," said Mrs. Tammy Monahan, Rossi School President. "We wish to identify students who engage in positive behaviors when they are clearly not expecting any reward or recognition.  We also wish to change the tone of what it means to be called to the office."
Garton was noticed by his teacher, Mrs. Marilyn Beres, after being late to class for assisting new student, Juan Correa Santiago. Beres wrote a recognition referral after she learned the reason for Garton’s tardiness was to help another individual.
"I felt bad (for the student)," said Garton. "I could see that he felt out of place and alone. I wanted to include him and help him feel more comfortable."
Several other students have become recipients of the award since Garton, including Dayanara Perez, Dylan Amarando, Seth Huerta and Latreon Jackson. All recipients are publicized in the monthly Rossi newsletter which appears on the school’s website.
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