Millville Memorial High SchoolCelebrates New Jersey Week of Respect

MILLVILLE - The Security Team at Millville Memorial High School has announced its plans to participate in New Jersey’s Week of Respect by joining the Bullying Ambassadors. The position, which included the purchase of a T-shirt to support the campaign, is meant to celebrate bullying prevention.
The New Jersey Week of Respect is an Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act that encourages schools to recognize the importance of character education and bullying prevention.
The National Campaign will encourage students to participate by inviting them to participate in different challenges each day of the week. Students and faculty are asked to wear blue shirts to celebrate bullying prevention on Monday as well as participate in a school-wide art poster contest.
Students and staff are also invited to sign and take an anti-bullying pledge outside of the cafeteria on Tuesday and the school will sponsor a “Caught in the Act” promotion on Wednesday. This promotion will include staff members as it provides them with a “cookie coupon” to then distribute to a student who has been seen doing something kind for another person.
Students and staff are encouraged to wear orange and blue on Unity of Community Day which will take place on Thursday. This will signify school unity which will end the Week of Respect.
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