VIDEO: South Jersey Prepares for Flooding


DOWNE TOWNSHIP - Small towns along the Delaware Bay are gearing up for the storm this weekend, but a little differently than down the shore.
“The Nor’easter is our biggest concern right now, which we’re dealing with at this time,” said Mayor Robert Campbell of Downe Township. “If it presents a risk, we’ll take radical measures to protect the bay shore.”
South Jersey’s bay shore area’s biggest concern isn’t the heavy rains, but the major flooding that could take over the area.
"Flooding is a major issue, it’s a major issue, and in fact, in the next 24, 48 hours, we’re supposed to get some moderate to heavy flooding along the bay," said Campbell. "But the big issue becomes the wind. If we get the wind with the flooding, then we can have some major damage, and risk the property and life along the bay shore.” Campbell added, "If it rains, if we get six inches of rain, because of the meadows, and our flat land area, it goes away within 12 hours, all that rain water is gone pretty much goes into the bay, but the tidal issue is certainly a serious issue, people are getting ready for it.”
Roads throughout Fortescue and other local townships have already started to flood. Mayor Campbell says they’ve started to take action in preparing for the worst, by using bin blocks and sand bags along the beaches. They’ve also been working with Cumberland County Emergency Management and local fire and water rescue teams for additional caution.
“If anybody gets flooded or their house gets knocked down, we can get to them," said Campbell. "We’re ready. Whatever they throw at us, we’re ready to handle it, hopefully. For me, it’s all about people getting hurt or getting killed. Stuff we can fix. We can fix beaches, we can fix houses, we can fix roads. Stuff doesn’t bother me. We can fix that. But it’s just making sure that nobody gets hurt is the most important thing to me.”

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