VIDEO: Atlantic City Fire Officials Prepare for Flooding and Emergency Situations


ATLANTIC CITY - With the uncertainty about Hurricane Joaquin, Atlantic City Fire Officials have been making plans for the flooding, storm weather, and emergency situations.
"Everybody please pay attention to the weather, you know, please maintain a situation awareness, make sure you have your emergency evacuation plan in place,” said Scott Evans, Acting Fire Chief of Atlantic City.
Atlantic City Fire Personnel are getting ready for what to do in case they need to take action. They have prepared their facilities and equipment, inspected operation procedures, and are getting ready to help in case an evacuation is needed.
"Well a lot of lessons were learned in Sandy, and one of the most important ones is we evacuate, you’re better off not being in harms way,” said Scott Evans. "It’s important that people evacuate. It’s important that people recognize and be aware that they need to have extra supplies, to have a preparedness kit. Flashlights, whether it’s water, food, generators, they need to do that.”

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