Hurricane Safety Tips from the Vineland Office of Emergency Management and the Vineland Health Department

VINELAND - The Vineland Office of Emergency Management and the Vineland Health Department are encouraging residents to plan ahead for the worst during hurricane season, which began early June and lasts through the end of  November.
Preparing an emergency supply kit may be useful for residents in the case of a real emergency. Items that should be included in an emergency kit include a GO BAG with personal ID cards, credit cards, and bank account numbers. All items should be placed in a sealed plastic bag to avoid damage.
Include any important medication, 2-3 items of clothing as well as baby or personal items in the case of an evacuation.
Stock up on items such as water, batteries, and a first aid kit and be sure that all gas tanks are filled and cell phones and electronic devices are charged in the event of a black out.
In addition to an emergency kit, awareness of the surrounding area is equally as important. During a hurricane winds can exceed 74 miles per hour which could result in fallen debris or even the movement of patio furniture and much heavier items.
An ample amount of wood and tools should be available due to high winds that could toss around outdoor items or result in fallen shutters. However, any securing of outdoor furniture, toys, and other outdoor items such as trash cans should take place before the storm approaches to prevent injury.
Since only service animals are allowed into shelters, make the necessary provisions for pets ahead of time by reaching out to the Office of Emergency Management to receive information on temporary animal housing.
It is important to remember to never be outdoors during the eye of the storm as strong winds will pick up rapidly from the opposite direction. In the event of an emergency always dial 911 for assistance.
Residents with special needs should contact Vineland Office of Emergency Management to complete a Special Needs Form. This service is also available by dialing 211 or through their website at
For more information on preparing for hurricane season or to obtain sample preparation and supply lists, visit or

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