VIDEO: City Officials Work Together to Rebuild Atlantic City


ATLANTIC CITY - In the middle of fixing the boardwalk, homes, and the reputation of Atlantic City, city officials are working towards rebuilding something that keeps Atlantic City standing...their residents.
“Our people are resilient, I mean, they’ve made it through 160 years in our city, good times and bad times," said Donald Guardian, Atlantic City Mayor. "And whether it’s the storm of Sandy or the storm of unemployment, we’re going to help rebuild.”
The Mayor and Police Chief held an information session to inform residents on their plans of improving the lives within Atlantic City. They’re concentrating on increasing youth activity, finding jobs, and returning citizens from prison back to the community. Guest speakers from the three topics came and pitched their ideas on how they individually help.
“The best way to stop a bullet is with a job," said Henry White, Chief of Police. "So jobs have a direct correlation on crime prevention, getting the youth involved in a positive way is a direct correlation to crime prevention. And then also having programs and opportunities for those that have made mistakes in society, have paid their debt, that right there has a direct correlation to reducing crime also.”
Programs discussed at the meeting will soon be implemented, such as a Mayor’s Youth Council, junior programs with the police and fire departments, and jobs through new planning and development projects.
“It’s just wonderful that people are coming together to help us rebuild," said  Mayor Guardian.
There’s more to Atlantic City than just casino’s and beaches. Mayor Don Guardian hopes that these programs will help residents see just how much Atlantic City has to offer.

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