VIDEO: Atlantic City Builds Sea Wall to Support Boardwalk


ATLANTIC CITY - Changes are coming to Atlantic City's boardwalk by the section at the end of Pacific Avenue, known as Gardener’s Basin.
The city plans to make it more efficient in fighting storm damage.
“What we’re doing right now is building a sea wall in some section and a rock jetty in another," said Donald A. Guardian, Atlantic City Mayor. “We’re replacing the entire boardwalk from Revel up to the Inlet and then a mile and a quarter of Boardwalk that’s not there now, is being built. But what’s exciting is everything we’re trying to do in Atlantic City has to do with resiliency.”
The construction is still in the first stages, but the ultimate plan is to help prevent future storm damage, keep the city streets dry, and extend the boardwalk throughout the island, through Avalon, Margate, and Longport. An existing canal under Baltic Avenue will also aide in resiliency.
“What we’re doing is restoring that canal by putting in pumping stations both in what’s the Northeast Inlet and Ducktown area, because they’re about an hour and a half being each other with high tide and it’ll give us the ability to keep water from flooding most of the city,” said Mayor Guardian.
The 55 million dollar project is being funded by the Army Corp of Engineers, FEMA, and the Department of Transportation. After the construction is complete, Atlantic City’s north inlet and boardwalk will be much more resistant to any storm that comes its way.

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