Four Middle School Students Create Genius Hour Project for Cancer Research

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – One class period per week is all it took for four seventh grade students to make a difference.
Evan Kim, Jack Dunn, Greg Rossi, and Silvio Mazzuca of Orchard Valley Middle School, created a fundraiser last spring called the “5K Walk/Run for Childhood Cancer," in response to the Google movement, "Genius Hour."
The fundraiser took place on September 20th, 2015 and raised over $2,300 for the pediatric cancer research team at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).
The movement provided the boys with an opportunity to use one class period a week to research a project on the topic of their choosing.
Linda Wienckoski, the students' teacher, confirmed that once the project had been selected they handled all of the planning and organizing on their own. In fact, the rent needed to reserve the park was raised when the boys decided to hold a gold paper sneaker sale which earned them $286.
“I’m so proud of everything they did,” Wienckoski said. “These are 12-year-old boys doing things 12-year-old boys don’t usually do.”

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