South Jersey Farm Prepares for Potential Storm


MICKLETON - Cecil Creek Farm in Mickleton is made to withstand storms like the one expected in South Jersey.
“Depending on how much rain we get, if it’s not that much, if it’s an inch or less it’s really not going to be that big of a deal,” said Jannelle Koszarek, Farm and Market Manager.
Koszarek and the farm strategically plan ahead before the storm arrives.
“In the initial planning stages, when we make our beds we orient them differently. As you can see these beds are diagonal so we orient that for the way the rain flows so there isn’t any pulling spots and the rain can evenly flow throughout the field.” Koszarek.
If they so not plan ahead, it can damage their crops. Squash along with the beloved Jersey tomato can be damaged the most with heavy rainfall.
“They’re hit the hardest because they’ll split when they get too much rain. The fruit can take on so much and it literally just splits the entire fruit,” said Koszarek.
And if this storm creates and issue for the South Jersey farm, the crew is ready to solve the problem.
“We can take shovels and dig trenches so that the rain can flow into the trench and stay out of the beds,” said Koszarek.
To prevent weather from affecting the crops on Cecil Creek Farm in the future, they are in the process of building a high tunnel.
It’s a place crops can be grown all year long in a heated, enclosed space.
But for now, they did all they can do to prepare and the farmers say it’s out of their hands.
“It is what it is, it’s Mother Nature, you can’t control it,” said Koszarek.

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