VIDEO: A Local High School is Eager for the Pope's Arrival


ABSCECON - The students at Holy Spirit High School have been celebrating the Pope’s visit to the States since the start of the school year. And they have been specifically excited because the Catholic high school shares the message, “Love is the mission,” with Pope Francis.
“We’re a faith-filled school and we’ve worked very hard on that through the years," said Susan Dennen, Principal at Holy Spirit High School. "But I think the fact that he’s here and his message is so clear, and so concise, and so simple that it’s made our job so much easier.”
“I’m really, really glad that I got the chance to experience this and to be a teenager with such a progressive Pope guiding our faith,” said Olivia Torres, senior at Holy Spirit High School.
Students believe Pope Francis is a relatable holy figure because he’s connected with many through social media pages like Twitter and Facebook.
“He’s really down to earth and he spells it out for us pretty simply, what we need to do to make the world a better place,” said Torres.
Holy Spirit High School had the opportunity to send two of their brightest students up to New York City today to watch the Pope give his mass at Madison Square Garden.
“To be able to experience this moment in history, to see Pope Francis, to be able to hear his message of love and mercy that we’ve been celebrating all year in preparation for his arrival to the United States is something that they are thrilled to be a part of,” said  Father James King, priest at Holy Spirit High School.
The principal of the school had the opportunity to share in Pope Francis’ mass in Washington D.C. this past week.
“It was moving in a way that you sort of knew it would be," said Susan Dennen. "But at the same time being there was very special.”
He may not be in Philadelphia just yet, but students have been greeted by Pope Francis since the start of the school year.
“It’s really fun, you can selfie with him. He’s really popular with selfies on social media,” said Matthew Nyce, senior at Holy Spirit High School.
And even though everyone won’t get a chance to snap a selfie with the Holy Father on the Parkway in Philly, they’ll be watching the mass through a live stream at home in South Jersey.