VIDEO: Vineland Rotary Donates Dictionaries to Local Third Graders


VINELAND - The Vineland Rotary Club has been busy distributing words of wisdom found on the pages of brand new dictionaries.
The Rotary Club donated nearly 1,000 dictionaries to local third grade students this year - serving more than 35 classrooms across 20 different schools. That brings the total number of dictionaries donated since the project started in 2004, to over 10,000.
Well I know they've been really excited to get them. Like if they had an older brother or sister who got them, they can't wait," said Valerie Myers, Third Grade Teacher, St. Mary's. "It's like "When are we getting them, when are we getting them!" And it's really cool because at the end of the year they get to take them home. I make them keep them here for the whole year, but at the end of the year it's like "yay, we get to take our dictionaries home."
Teachers said that the third graders use the dictionaries for spelling, vocab, creative writing, and a plethora of other functions.
Over the past 11 years, the rotary club and their donated dictionaries have taught thousands of third graders the importance of education and the true definition of kindness.