VIDEO: Pope-themed Beer Being Served at Local Brewery


CAPE MAY - The Cape May Brewery has come up with a special concoction specifically for the Papal visit.
They are calling it #YOPO which stands for - "you only pope once."
The new brew is a pale ale, and it has three times the amount of hops you normally get in a pale ale.
"We added a lot of hops in the dry hop portion of it and that's where you're going to get all the aromatics out of it. So in this beer you're going to get notes of citrus and grapefruit, exotic and tropical notes coming through," said Brian Hink, Lead Brewer at Cape May Brewing Company.
If you're looking to sip on this Pope-inspired beer you may want to hurry, the tasting room is expected to sell out of this holy creation before Pope Francis even gets to Philly!
The 17 keg batch was put on tap at the brewery on Monday.