Marie Durand Elementary Student Helps Elderly Neighbor

VINELAND - A third-grader from Marie Durand Elementary School, Robert Elliott, became an unexpected hero on Thursday, September 17th after coming to the aid of an elderly neighbor who had fallen and was unable to get up.
The eight-year-old was walking to the bus stop when he heard Marilyn Encarnacion's cries for help. He was one of several students who passed by, but was the only one to stop and help.
"They looked at her and they walked by," said Elliott. "I felt sad. They should have helped her."
After speaking to Encarnacion and determining how hurt she was, he approached another neighbor for help. The neighbor came to the assistance of Encarnacion and Elliott made it to the bus just in time.
So impressed with Elliott's actions, Encarnacion made the trip to Durand the next day to inform Principal Dan Greco of the good deed. Elliott had not told anyone at the school about his act of kindness.
"I just did it to be helpful," Elliott said.
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