VIDEO: Rowan University to Buy Mantua Township Fossil Quarry


MANTUA - There is a 65 acre dinosaur fossil quarry in Mantua Township that is unknown to many South Jersey residents.
"People in South Jersey for the most part are unaware that this place has this rich heritage in dinosaur paleontology," said Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, PHD, Paleontologist.
Rowan University announced today their plans in purchasing the area for scientific research and discovery.
"We’re going to train students very well to be able to go right into industry, right into environmental consulting, geotechnical consulting, so they can help solve some of the environmental problems faced by the residents of our state," said Dr. Lacovara.
Spearheading the Rowan University’s new School of Earth and Environment as their founding Dean, Dr. Lacovara is no stranger to the South Jersey site. As an internationally renowned Paleontologist, he has conducted research at the site, discovered a few dinosaur bones, and helps with the quarry’s Annual Dig Day, which is happening this Saturday.
"When we opened up registration last month, the 1500 spots filled up in three hours," said Dr. Lacovara. "It’s like getting Grateful Dead tickets to go to this place."
Dr. Lacovara and his students will be using this area for environmental and earth studies. The Paleontologist hopes that one day, this area will be used for anybody in South Jersey to come explore.
"Right now we’re open for special events, but as we get geared up, as we get staff, as we, in the future, build a facility here, we hope to be open regularly to the public," said Dr. Lacovara.

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