VIDEO: Gas Prices Expected to Decrease in Price

MILLVILLE - South New Jersey's gas is under $2.00 per gallon and continues to decrease in price.

“Gas prices have been dropping consistently all summer," said Rich Bradley, Public Affairs Specialist for AAA. "It’s mainly due to a mixture of over supply, less demand than expected, and started in September, September 16th, we switched over to a winter blend, which is cheaper to produce, and therefore is cheaper at the pumps.”

AAA uses services that track gas prices across the country, specifically 400 gas stations throughout New Jersey. The recent gas prices are the lowest New Jersey has seen since February.

“Winter blend is cheaper gas to produce, basically what you’re looking at is a higher blend of butane in the fuel, that starts on September 16th every year, which is why you’re just starting to see real, rapid price declines, according to our research, gas prices have gone down seven cents in the last week alone, and they will continue to decline, not seven cents a week probably, but they will continue to decline another couple months at least," said Bradley.

According to AAA, South Jersey gas prices still haven’t hit their lowest point yet. Low gas prices are here to stay, straight into the holiday season.

“People love to see prices dip below two dollars," said Bradley. "It might not go down as drastically as it has recently, but it will keep declining a little bit.”

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